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Default Misery! - Continuing Adventures of the Hiking Historian

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The Historian wrote:
This afternoon, I climbed Mt. Misery in Valley Forge. It was 1:15 PM
when I left the Neilmobile at Washington's Headquarters, and I
staggered back to my car at 3:30. During that time, I hiked up the side
of Misery, arriving at the top by a little after 2:30. The trail was
extremely rocky; last night, online, I stumbled across a description of
Pennsylvania trails as "where boots go to die", and I now know the
truth of that saying.

While at the summit, I hiked a little bit along the Horseshoe Trail,
and signed the trail register. I'm estimating that I walked about four
miles today, much of it climbing.

I still have a lot to learn about hiking. I didn't bring enough water,
for one. Also, I was far too heavily dressed for the unseasonably warm
weather. Halfway up the side of Misery I stopped and removed my jacket
and shirt. Fortunately, underneath I was wearing a T-shirt. So in
addition to the beauties of nature, other hikers got to see the
spectacle of a fat middle aged man with the phrase "I am the kid your
parents warned you about" printed on his chest.

To see some of the Horseshoe Trail and other trails on Mt. Misery,
visit this site:


While I have your attention, folks, I have a Fitday question. Are the
suggestions for calories burned considered accurate, or excessively
high? Fitday suggests I burned a thousand calories in my two hours or
so of hiking. Even with all the climbing, that seems high.

Oh, and any advice on sore quads? :-)


Okay I'd say. With my HRM I earn about 500 cals per hour for running on the
flat and I'm almost half your size so 1000 cals for 2 hours and I'm almost
half your size . And you were up and down hills although not running so
sounds reasonable.