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I've been working in the garden about 20 minutes per day (until my back
hurts). I can't believe that such a small amount of time would leave a
white spot where my wris****ch is. Sheesh! Maybe it's time to drag out
some sun block.

where in Minnesota have you been able to get 20 min of sun??? My DH
started building an ark yesterday seriously, we had 3 FEET of
rain in our drainage ditch last evening.
Gathering up 2 of each animal (no mosquitos this time!) for the ark

We're in the southern part of the state. Almost to Iowa. We had our
monsoon the week before last. Immediately before I put down grass seed.
We've had a slight drizzle ever since. Ain't that always the way? The
water company is going to just love us!

The mosquitoes are so thick you can cut them with a knife. When I let the
dogs out (one runs away if you just blink) this morning, I was nearly in
tears, begging Buddy to come back inside. Crap in the house, I don't care!
Just get me away from these skeeters! Next visit outdoors, I'm going to be
wearing my sweatpants and my hooded sweatshirt. It's in the 80's and I'll
look like an idiot, but that's better than being eaten alive.

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