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Originally Posted by Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD[_8_] View Post
MU wrote:
The Master wrote:
Anthony Allende wrote:

She looks better big. Skinny Kirstie is NOT attractive... However, her
gaining the weight back only adds to the evidence that the weight lost by
dieting is only temporary. Once you stop dieting, the weight comes back.
And who wants to diet the rest of their life?

Don't be stupid. You can lose weight and keep it off by eating sensibly.

Sensibly, eh? Always looking after what you eat,

Don't do it.

monitoring calorie

Useless, inaccurate, waste of time.

making sure you eat the veggies instead of the cake, stuff like
that? People like calling it a "lifestyle change", when it reality it's
nothing but a glorified diet...

Eating down to 2PD for most everyone includes viewing food for what it
is, a necessity not a fanciful way of living. So, yes, a lifestyle
change for most everyone.

The moment you STOP monitoring your calorie intake, the moment you STOP
concentrating on exactly what you are putting into your body, the monent
you STOP dieting, you return to your old ways, as shown by Kirstie...

Long term weight loss through dieting means a long term diet.

Or would you call it proper consumption v.s. long term overconsumption.
The labeling should be on the abnormal lifestyle not returning to the
normal one.

What keeps folks from readily seeing the truth about the amount they
are eating is their delusion that "hunger is starvation:"

Love in the truth,

Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD
Author of "Be Hungry"

Only GOD can cure the "hunger is starvation" delusion:
Thanks for this Information i think so it is useful for that people who wants to gain weight.