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Default Omega-3 In Salmon

This one is perplexing to me. This nutrition database is showing 100 grams
of raw salmon (you have to select 100 grams manually) at 2342 mg:

But the same database is showing that the Omega3 in 100 grams of salmon is
only 523 mg when it is "smoked":

How can this be? Smoked salmon is normally not a cooked product? It
leaves the salmon in an almost raw state.

And to add insult to injury, the same database shows that 100 grams of
salmon cooked with dry heat has 2143 mg of Omega3:

So if you cook the salmon in an oven with dry heat, then it has almost the
same amount of omega3 as raw salmon, but if you smoke the salmon to kill
bacteria and then vacuum pack it, that destroys all of the Omega3? How can
that make sense?

And now the million dollar question: when I go to a grocery store and buy
what looks like raw salmon slices in a vacuum package in the refrigerated
area of the fish counter, that is marked as "smoked salmon" is this in fact
what the database above means by "smoked"? And such a product
effectively has the vast majority of the Omega3 fats destroyed?