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Default Question about quick loss

Question about quick loss
to on Thu Feb 20 2014 08:35 am

I have experienced it, I have heard about it, but has there been any

explanation or anything written as to why from time to time, You can go a
or so without appearing to lose, then BAM! a 9 lb loss overnight? I know
I will
sometimes go awhile get depressed about not losing anything, but then I
have a
bad day where I feel lousy and washed out. I get on the scale the next
day and
have large loss in an one day period. I have seen a loss of almost 10
lbs. Why
is that?

Have a good One!


You don't give any basis to judge this on. A 120 lb woman? A 400 lb man?
If it's the latter, then maybe it can happen. For people who are 20 to 50
lbs over weight, I've never experienced it or heard of it happening.
You do lose quite a bit of weight as water loss during the first few
days of switching to low carb. So, if you're real heavy and did that,
you could have a big drop. But otherwise, assuming there isn't some
big change in your diet, I don't see 10 lbs in one day happening. It's not
unusual for people to get stuck at a certain weight for a week or longer
and then to have a couple pounds come off, but haven't heard of ten.

You tried to take it too literally and exact. My main point is why ( and it can
be proportionate, granted ) but still it is a lot more at some points than what
would be considered normal. Whether it be 2 lbs or 9 lbs proportionately. It is
not the normal weight loss on the diet. but sometimes it just hits like a bomb.
Just like a plateau can last for weeks. My question was just as to why
sometimes there is a disproportionate weight loss at various times. I would be
interested to know.

Have a good One!