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Default How to not feel hungry all the time..

On Dec 15, 3:49 pm, "
You wrote: "I like food so much, that I just had to figure out a way

to eat a lot of food, and yet stay healthy,"

EXACTLY my situation! I'm obsessed with food. I would eat pizza, KFC,
cookies, bagels, cakes all day every day. If you told me I have only a
month to live, I would pig out all day.

I've started buying large quantities of vegetables. I have to find a
way to eat all that. I've just finished another big salad with red
leaf, cucumber, one tomatoe, dried parsley, onion, black pepper and
salt. Very low calorie meal and very water-dense, with lots of
vitamines and minerals. After that, I steamed brocoli. Later on, I'll
cook a steak.

I'm very happy to hear about your success. Do you take any supplements
like vitamins or minerals? Do you think having minerals off multi-
vitamins has the same effect as having minerals off food?

I don't take any vitamins or supplements. I get lots of all the
vitamins and minerals and far as I know I'm healthy. I toyed with
taking Omega-3, but there's a fair amount in oats, so I don't take
any. I hear lots of claims for this or that vitamin, mineral,
supplement, combination, but except for the Omega 3, there doesn't
seem to be much science behind it. I pretty much follow Dean Ornish's
advice, except he does recommend the Omega 3. I certainly eat low
fat...about 10% of my diet, no more than that.

I'm with you. I could really eat all day. In fact, when I was fat, I
could easily eat a dozen donuts and a quart of milk. I did this
numerous time when I would drive through Martinsville, Indiana on my
way back to Bloomington for college. The thing was, they always had
still warm, fresh out of the cooker glazed donuts when I would pass
through on Sunday eve. I must have done that 30 times.....while
driving, or an entire box of chocolate cherries while returning with
diet soda from the grocery. I'm sure I could eat 6 Big Macs. I have
eaten an entire medium pepperoni pizza on several occasions too, and
an entire gallon of Bluebell homemade vanilla with strawberries ice
cream. The ice cream would be what, about 5,000 calories? Then I would
get home and look for something else to eat. In a way, since I was
never really satisfied and really never starved, it was a little
easier for me to just ignore my desires for food, since obviously I
can't trust my appetite to tell me when or what to eat. For me it is
probably like an alcoholic who really can't take that first drink
again cause it will cause him to blow it. I never ever overeat. I get
to exactly my 2,000 calories and I stop eating. My weight stays almost
exactly the same too. I too am obsessed with food. I watch the food
channel quite a bit and my favorite episode is where they show the 10
best places in America to pig out. I was thinking the whole time that
I could out-eat any of those people they showed. A lot of places would
serve huge pizza or some grotesque cheeseburger with 8 pounds of
fries....stuff like that. Oh ya, one was pancakes...giant stacks and
ice cream. The premise to most was that you paid a price for the food,
but if you could eat it all, it was free. The other program that I
have watched a couple of times either on the Food network or the
history channel were the history of chocolate and candy in America. I
never was a big meat eater, but sweets are a different matter. The
program where they have pie bakeoffs are also great. Man, I could eat
an entire pecan pie or cherry pie...warm with vanilla ice cream, or 2
doz. chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven with lots of ice
cold milk. Yet, the heaviest I ever was, was 250. I see a lot of
people much heavier than that, so I know they must be consuming 6,000
calories + a day. I would much rather dwell and fixate and fantasize
about food now than actually eat it, cause I refuse to ever get fat
again. dkw