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Default How to not feel hungry all the time..

" of wrote:
I inadvertantly discovered something when I was dieting. Although I
managed to lose down to a very slim and trim 136 pounds which is right
where I should be, but I learned how to control hunger. The secret?

Wasn't fibre ever the basis of a popular diet where you live? One of the
diets that got a lot of publicity in UK in the 80s/90s was Audrey Eyton's F
plan, where the F is for fibre. Her regimen included an apple and orange
per day, two bowls of her recipe for a mixture of dried fruits, bran
breakfast cereals with bran, and eating a target amount of fibre per day.
While I don't do the breakfast mix any more because I never did like it
much, high fibre is the basis of my diet, together with low fat and low
calories I tend to eat a lot of fruit and salad because I can just grab and
eat immediately without cooking, so that they are convenient for keeping me
going during the day at work. I eat vegetables as part of planned meals, so
no more than I did before changing my way of eating; however since I'm a
vegetarian I probably eat a lot more vegetables than many other people.