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Roger Zoul
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Dominic Shields wrote:
|| On Sun, 17 Oct 2004 06:36:46 -0400, "Roger Zoul"
|| wrote:
||||| In answer to your question, many people I speak to seeem to be
||||| under the impression that the only carbohydrate in existence is
||||| cake.
||| Are pasta and bread better than cake?
|| I don't really understand the context of "better", but if I replaced
|| the pasta and bread I eat with cake I would probably put on weight at
|| an alarming rate ignoring the other health downsides.

Well, you referred to pasta and bread, among others, as "proper
carbohydrates" and then you compared them to cake, so I'm asking if you mean
that they are better carbohydrates than cake.

Also, do you think you'd suffer health downsides if you matched your
calories from pasta & bread (and others) with those from cake?