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Default Calories Explained.(alphabetical list of calories in food)

alphabetical list of calories in food,

We can say the calorie is a unit of energy. We can't just associate
calories with food because everywhere there is some energy there is a
calorie involved. Gasoline for example, like so many other things
contains a lot of calories.

A calorie represents the heat needed to rise the temperature with 1
degree for 1 gram of water. We can see on every food pack the number
of calories it contains. But the thing is the number you see on the
package is in fact the value in kilocalories. 100 food calories
represents 100.000 regular calories or 100 kilocalories.

The same principle is applied in sports. When somebody tells
you ,you've burned 100 calories that means 100 kilocalories.

A gram of carbohydrates contains 4 calories, a gram of fat 9 calories
and a gram of protein contains 4 calories. Every food is based on
these building blocks. It's easy now to calculate based on the number
of proteins, fat and carbohydrates the number of calories the food
contains. So if we look on the back of any food aliment and see the
number of food calories, we can say that amount is the kilocalories
need it to burn it completely........more

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