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Default Low-carb and Mediterranean diets beat low-fat for weight-loss, lipid changes at two years

On 2008-07-17, Roger Zoul wrote:
I posted this yesterday at 7pm, but it never got here. Listen to the ADA
(still nut-jobs).

Beer-Sheva, Israel - Both a low-carbohydrate diet or a Mediterranean-style
diet may be "effective alternatives" to a low-fat diet, with more favorable
effects on lipids and/or glycemic control, new research suggests [1]. The

Only if you eat that Mediterranean food in the same quantity as the slender
inhabitants of that part of the world.

two-year study, which managed to keep almost 85% of the 322 study
participants on one of the three diets for the entire period, offers the
hope that weight-loss diets can be tailored to personal preferences, without
sacrificing efficacy, researchers say.

``Tailoring for personal preferences'' is simply another way of saying
``Reducing the amount of the preferred type of food.''