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Default Meridia/Wellbutrin/Slim-Fast progress

"Draebyerg" wrote in message
Mark wrote:

"Draebyerg" wrote in message
Mark wrote:

February 19, 04: Started Meridia 10 and then went to 15mg. Was 160

Vigourous exercise 5 times a week for 30 minutes (cardio) or 20

cardio/20 minutes weights, keeping on Slim Fast and


Imagine how much easier it would have been without sucking down all

sugar in the Slim Fast. The stuff really isn't all they claim it to


No, but it does give me the energy with minimal (230) calories.

I'd certainly be willign to try another something-or-other, if you would

kind enoguh to suggest it. But it has to be as easy as the Slim

being able to be purchased in a can and consumed immediately...I buy the
premixed stuff.

I don't liek the sugar factor either, because there is a lot, but, I

knwo anything that would be easier than that. Do you?

As for the nutritional aspect of it, try Carnation Instant Breakfast,
the no sugar added variety. It has about the same numbers as the Slim
Fast, but without the sugar overload, and a fraction of the calories. It
doesn't come in cans, but isn't your health and weight loss efforts
worth the 10 seconds or so that it takes to stir the powder into a glass
of milk?


If the whole Milk stirring thing really is overburdensome and money is not
an issue, some of the meal replacement supplements like Glucerna and Ensure
light are pretty good with Sugar.

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