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"Mognfox" wrote
OHMIGOSH!! 70 lbs is awesome!! And especially keeping it off. I know what
you mean about the fluid retention. I find with that, the more water I
drink helps me get rid of the extra fluid. Doesn't make for a great
night's sleep but it gets rid of the fluid.

I'm glad to hear of someone else who has lost alot and has kept it off.
Now that I am near goal, that is my biggest worry...keeping it off. I told
the gang at work just the other day to call me on it, if I start putting
weight back on. Lucky for me (in this respect) I have alot of pride so
that will push me to keep working.

I live in the middle of NoWhere in Ireland.

Cool! I live in the middle of Ireland ;-)

Congrats on the loss.