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Default Uncovering the Atkins diet secret

Right on, Sister! Oh well, you can tell what era ***I*** come from!
One of the things that has happened to me as I stick to my eating plan is
getting an "inner guide" as to what I should or should not be eating. I was
pleased this week to notice that the chocolate cakes, cookies etc just no
longer appeal to me.
My doctor put it like this: we are born with the impulses to steal and lie,
etc but this gets trained out of us. Those of us who have internalized the
lesson are the ones who will pick up a fallen wallet full of money and get
it back to the owner instead of going on a spending spree. Those of us who
have learned what we should and should not be eating have internalized this
self-control issue and that's what will help keep it off once we get there!
This is important once the satisfaction element of seeing the scale-readings
move downward.
BTW, I just wanted to let the rest of us "losers" know that, with my falling
weight, my blood pressure has gone from elevated to readings of
normal-to-slightly-low...low being kind of "normal" for my family, so hang
in there on your own efforts!

in article , Carol Frilegh at
wrote on 2/12/04 9:11:

And they don't matter in the long run because people can't give
everlasting microscopic attention to every bite for a lifetime.

They have to develop an eating "cruise control" that they can use
without negative calorie theories and this fiber concept, Fiber is
important for good bowel function. Eating less, exercising more and
doing it ongoing is what will yield results. The one thing that stands
out IMO is this has to be a lifetime committment, not annual, seasonal
or now and then, not let's splurge weekends and start over Monday.

There is no substitute for the right food