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Default Uncovering the Atkins diet secret

On Mon, 26 Jan 2004 13:23:59 GMT, posted:

"Moosh" writes:

So long as you regard consumed as not just taken into the gut but
absorbed into the bloodstream -- the physiological understanding of
IN the body.

Please don't bandy about "physiological understanding".

Well if we don't get you straight on these (like tautology which you
seem to have a unique definition of), we won't be able to communicate

Glucose in the
bloodstream is only halfway there; to be used it must be converted to
ATP in the cells.

How is this done? I understood the energy was transferred from glucose
metabolites to ADP energising it to ATP.
If this is only a few percent efficient, what happens to all the other
calories. I'm counting ALL INs and OUTs remember.

Please answer your own question (for which, see
another post in this thread).

[more ignorant ranting snipped]

This rude response is designed to deflect readers from the fact that
he has run out of any argument, not that he had any point in the first
place. We still haven't pinned TC down in his belief that a
hypercaloric diet can result in fat storage loss. Ah well, maybe there
is someone about who can tell TC AGAIN (many good minds have tried)
that calories can neither be create nor destroyed.