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Default Meridia/Wellbutrin/Slim-Fast progress

I'm a lurker. But I thought I should post my progress, because it's been
good. But I'm scared about losing it.

October 2002: I was originally about 182 lb, 5'5, Male, and I started taking
Meridia in Oct 02 to about December 2002 or a little later, maybe January
(10s and then 15s). I then tried Ionamin (Phentermine) for about a month. It
makes you sketchy. I believe I was hovering around 172 by this time. I was
eating quite a bit still, and not exercising regularly.

August 03: I then went on Wellbutrin in August of 03, and I was around 172
at the time. I also started Slim-Fast. I went to about 167 while on Wellby.

February 1, 04: Joined a gym, and was still on the Slim-Fast program, and
exercised 3x a week. Started at 167 and went down to 160.

February 19, 04: Started Meridia 10 and then went to 15mg. Was 160 lb.
Vigourous exercise 5 times a week for 30 minutes (cardio) or 20 minutes
cardio/20 minutes weights, keeping on Slim Fast and medium-carb/low-cal
diet. Heading toward 150 lb.

Today: 153.5 lb.

So that's about 30 lb in about a year.

Anyone got similar results? I think the commitment to exercise has made all
the difference. I was such a lazy ass before, but at some point, you just
have to say enough is enough, eh? Where will it get you if you don't, I

Also, anyone had any trouble getting their insurance companies to cover this
with the right paper work? My BMI was over 30 at the start of treatment, and
I have a family history of stroke, so I should be covered, but I'm waiting
to hear back on it.

Thanks all, and the best of luck to everyone's weight loss.