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Default Meridia/Wellbutrin/Slim-Fast progress

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Subject: Meridia/Wellbutrin/Slim-Fast progress

If the whole Milk stirring thing really is overburdensome and money is not
an issue, some of the meal replacement supplements like Glucerna and

light are pretty good with Sugar.

Hey all, and I'd like to sincerely thank you all for your replies... I
appreciate them very much.

TO JULIANNE, JAYJAY and ALL: I'm inclined to go toward something like Ensure
instead. I'm looking for something in the 200-250 calorie range. My concern
is the amount of fat and carbs in the shakes. I'm wondering what type of
shake that I could have that will give me the satisfaction of Slim Fast and
the caloric energy, without being too high in fat or carbohydrates. There's
a number of different kinds of Ensure products around... What one do you
think would be the best to go with?

I'm a little scared that by giving up the Slim Fast, I'll start putting on
weight. But I guess it's all a marketing ploy, really, right? "Slim Fast" is
just the name...but I could be drinking anything with similar ingredients
and getting similar results, am I not correct?

I'm actually up in CANADA, and here we have a brand called Presidents'
Choice, and they a shake called "Ultra". Anyone tried this? It looks high in
calories, but it may be an option if anyone here has had good experiences
with it...

Also, Jayjay's idea of a Myoplex premixed shake might be good too. Is it
alright to get so much calories from protein and not carbs, though? Or will
I be too weak from the lack of sugars, if I go with those?

Or maybe a combination of 1 slim fast, 1 protein (Ensure HP or Myoplex)
might work?

The premixed factor is really important to me...I live in a pretty big city
with a fast lifestyle where I just don't have the time to do anything with a
blender just yet. Maybe when the sun starts coming up earlier and its
warmer, I'll be more inclined to get up and do those sorts of things, but I
just don't have the time now.