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my sister liked baseball alot when she was in her 20s, liked it much more
than football
back then.
she liked that late 70s-early 80s team (Tug McGraw, Gary Maddox, Steve
Carlton, and especially Larry Anderson, who was hilarious).
Then she completely stopped watching it in her 30s, all the players (except
Mitch "Wild Thing" Williams) on those teams were a real drag. Like
accountants with bats.
Now she has been watching it again for the past few years, the guys on the
current team seem like a lot more fun lately.
And it's probably no coincidence that the fun-ner guys also seem to be the
win-ner guys.

Though she does watch alot more football then baseball lately, now she would
a football game over baseball any day.

Speaking of football, there is a fun blog/site he

The author appears to have a pretty decent sense of humor. he refers to
Vince Young (Titans quarterback) as "Uncle Rico", and explains the reason
for this is because, he claims that Vince Young throws a football with the
exact same arm motion as Uncle Rico threw a steak at his nephew in Napoleon
Dynamite. I did immediately remember Uncle Rico, but I didn't recall him
throwing a steak....
do you? I rewatched on Saturday and he sure did throw a steak with a
really odd release moment.

The notes on the dvd say that Jon Gries is actually a vegetarian and had to
spit the steak out right after the take and you can just about see him reach
into his mouth and spit if out you look close enough

"marika" wrote in message
The Eagles just made it to the wildcard position and rallied in the last
and the Phils won this year. They made wild card the previous year.
If the Eagles don't win this year could this pattern hold and they might
win the Superbowl next year?

The Phils made wild card two years ago but didn't rally as well.

At that time, they had been in the wild card race for most of September.
What happened is they leaped over the wild card and actually took
over first place in the division.
Took them 6 months to do it, but they finally passed the Mets.
My sister hates the Mets, because on the first day of the season, the
Phils short
stop Jimmy Rollins was being interviewed, and he said "We are the team to
beat" and he got HAMMERED for it by the Mets and New York press, for some
reason they were really offended by it. She didn't think it was such an
offensive thing to say, she thought it was just 'standard athlete
talk".....she didn't
understand why they were so ****ed off about it. But they just
tortured him about it for the next 6 months, because they had the lead all
season... until the wild card happened.
(And PS Rollins also happens to be the front runner for league MVP until
then, so
he really did get the last laugh here after all.)

Two more games left in the season.
If they win one of two, they win the division, hands down, and are assured
play off berth. No wild card required. But they didn't win, that year,
they made it the next