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Default Are there successful Core losers out there?

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I am re-posting one snippet from my other, longer thread, because I am
really curious about this while trying to decide what to do going

Basically, I find that journaling and calorie/point limits work and
diets without fixed limits don't work - at least for me. I realize
that dieting is not "one size fits all."

When I tried Weight Watchers Core for a while it didn't seem to work
at all. The diet doesn't make sense (to me anyway) because it is too
easy to take in too many calories even when following the rules
literally and not stuffing yourself. Want an avocado? Sure, it's a
vegetable so why not? Still hungry? Have another serving of fish or

Core to me seem like Atkins with (1) more variety but (2) less
appetite control because you can eat all those insulin spiking foods
like bananas and corn and pineapple and so you never get your
cravings under control.

And when you reduce the trigger foods from Core you're almost back to
Atkins, with maybe less variety...

What I am curious about is this: Are there any really obese people
(like me) who have ever gotten to a normal BMI goal weight and kept it
off just following the Core plan? I am skeptical.

I know it is possible with Flex Points, but am skeptical about Core.



There are success stories on the WW site about successful Core losers.

As I read core, there are a number of rules about some of the categories
of food. One still has to watch portion size for example. Really paying
attention to the satisfaction level is key as well. You have to stop long
before stuffed, long before full. You stop at "satisfied", which is
basically at the point where you are no longer hungry. Since there is a
time delay getting signals to the brain, it's necessary to eat slowly.
Core users are advised to "stop and assess" half way through. I.e. stop
eating, decide if you are actually still hungry or not, then stop if you
are no longer hungry.

It has worked for many but takes a different type of mindset. You have to
have the strength to avoid emotional eating but eat only for actual
physical hunger not emotional hunger.

Makes sense. Weight control, like every other worthwhile goal in life,
requires discipline, dedication, and right thinking. In other words, a
healthy attitude of thinking about food as something we take for sustenance
rather than something we lust after for satisfaction. It should NOT involve
slavish point-counting and deprivation. The WW members in this NG who
constantly post recipes here and dream about what they will eat tomorrow -
in other words, who perpetuate their love of food - simply don't understand
this fundamental point and will never maintain normal weight naturally.
Food is no different from oxygen. We take it to live. We shouldn't live to
take it.