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We're closed here in California.. I don't know about the rest of the US..
We're open tomorrow though..

Joining fee here is 15$ (plus meeting fee 9.95$) If you have an Health
inssurance ask them if they run the health inssurance promotion..
(Franchises might not) if you got the right one they'll waive the joining
cost (15$ here)

I know Kaiser and Blue Shield are on the list.. there's tons of others..

I did NOT say this...

Will~ hoping she doesn't get in troubles..

196.2 / 131.8 / 137 lbs
89 / 59.8 / 62.1 Kg

Personal goal 125 lbs / 56.7 Kg
"cobalt" wrote in message
Could you please tell me registration fee (approx) ? There is a meeting

in one
hour (its 9am central) and if I have the cash I'm going to run in and get

materials. I know the meeting fee, I just need to know how much to join.

Thank you very much!