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Yup... staff freak out every fall... run out of money just before
christmas.. and then it's chaos and confusion in January !

I love this job !!!

As I said earlier.. WW centers and travelers are closed thanks giving day
and Friday (today) and open again on Saturday (in Cali that is)

I worked 2 meetings on Wednesday night in Petaluma.. it was REAL quiet...
I'm lading those two the coming wednesday.. hope it'll be more active ! it's
intimidating to lead a small group.. *blush*


196.2 / 131.8 / 137 lbs
89 / 59.8 / 62.1 Kg

Personal goal 125 lbs / 56.7 Kg
"Fred the Second" wrote in message
news:[email protected]_s01...
Meeting closures are the normal for this time of year - lots of folks

want to even think about their weight in November and December. Come
January all meetings are usually full and new (previously closed) meetings
will be added.

The website www.weigh**** will always have the absolute latest

about meeting time and places. Do a search using your ZIP code and see
what's available.

- Fred #2

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I *think* it is $20. Well worth it for getting the materials plus

the leader explain the program. Stay for the meeting as they do the new
members talk and handing out of materials after the regular meeting

Thank you! I got all the way there to find they were closed. Ugh.