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Default How to not feel hungry all the time..

I inadvertantly discovered something when I was dieting. Although I
managed to lose down to a very slim and trim 136 pounds which is right
where I should be, but I learned how to control hunger. The secret?
Fiber. Fiber has to be eased in to though. You can't comfortably start
eating 500% of the minimum recommended fiber without suffering
bloating, etc. But you can build up to it very easily.

The advantage of fiber is very simple: It is filling, yet has NO
calories. In fact, that is the definition of fiber. It cannot be
digested by humans. Even though a deer or a cow would find calories in
certain human dietary fiber, we cannot, so it is free food in that
regard. Almost all foods that are high fiber are also low calorie.
Green beans are loaded with fiber...25% of your daily minimum in one
can, and only 70 calories. The calories come from the protein and
carbs. Oh yes, one point. When you buy metamucil or other fibers in a
drugstore or supermarket, there are calories listed. Why? Well, it
isn't pure fiber. There are sweetners, carbs, protein and fat along
for the ride....but when a label lists fiber, those grams of product
have 0 calories.

Besides high fiber, it also helps a lot to drink lots of water. Tea,
diet soda, etc. work as well, but the caffeine might be a problem.

I presently eat about 500% of the daily recommended min. fiber
recommendation and I simply do not get hungry.

Here is a short list of high-fiber foods...some plain, some processed,
but all very high fiber (for the calories). Lots of vegetables like
celery do not seem to be high-fiber, until you determine the fiber as
a percentage of calories. Then celery jumps way up. You get most of
the fiber from whole grains like puffed wheat, oatmeal, and products
like Fiber One (original) where a half cup has 57% of the min. fiber
recommendation and only 60 calories. All vegetables are good, but
broccoli and cauliflower are very good and green beans are the most
concentrated fiber (for the calories). Basically you can eat like a
gorilla if you eat those low cal, high fiber veggies, but you will
stay as slim and trim as a mink. Every dieter should consider this
option, unless you are satisfied eating very small amounts of high-
fat, high calorie foods, and still manage to ward off the hunger and
constipation that would likely result. dkw