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Default How to not feel hungry all the time..

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Dkw, you are very helpful. Do you have a blog or a website on weight

No, I just had a weight problem for many years, and the yoyo dieted my
way from 250 down to 150 a bunch of times before I finally figured out
what works for me. I like food so much, that I just had to figure out
a way to eat a lot of food, and yet stay healthy, and this is what
I've come up with so far. I'm convinced that there are lots of
successful ways to diet, as long as one counts calories.

I'm dictating this using my new vista voice recognition software. It
seems to do pretty well, but I haven't learned all the proper commands
yet. Eight, wait a minute. Now I won't be able to eat and
communicate at the same time though. Just the second all get a cell
respect and see what that does to my words... OK I'm back here goes,
actually I weighed 230 pounds less than three years goal, and I've
weighed 130 6 pounds for about 2 1/2 years, and since I've given away
all my fat close, I guess I'll just have to stay here it 136. Not
bad! I guess I can eat and talk of the same time. Dkw