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Default How to not feel hungry all the time..

You wrote: "I like food so much, that I just had to figure out a way
to eat a lot of food, and yet stay healthy,"

EXACTLY my situation! I'm obsessed with food. I would eat pizza, KFC,
cookies, bagels, cakes all day every day. If you told me I have only a
month to live, I would pig out all day.

I've started buying large quantities of vegetables. I have to find a
way to eat all that. I've just finished another big salad with red
leaf, cucumber, one tomatoe, dried parsley, onion, black pepper and
salt. Very low calorie meal and very water-dense, with lots of
vitamines and minerals. After that, I steamed brocoli. Later on, I'll
cook a steak.

I'm very happy to hear about your success. Do you take any supplements
like vitamins or minerals? Do you think having minerals off multi-
vitamins has the same effect as having minerals off food?